World Class UK based Warehousing, Storage, FBA Preparation & Freight Forwarding



FBA Prep was set up in the UK in 2017 by Shaun Mataciunas, an entrepreneur who has been selling physical products on the Amazon platform since 2014. It was set up as a 3rd party service to facilitate the rapidly increasing demand of investors and business owners worldwide to take advantage of the European Amazon Gold Rush which shows no sign of slowing down.

FBA Prep provides a World Class UK based Warehousing, Storage & FBA Preparation & Freight Forwarding service to facilitate global sellers to enter the European platform. It provides a logistical solution for businesses to run an automated e-commerce empire in Europe..

We operate from a 5 Storey 1861 Victorian ex Cotton Spinning Mill in Bolton, Lancashire which been refurbished into a modern storage and warehousing facility. The premises are fully secure with automatic barrier gate (key code entry system), CCTV, Alarmed, fully manned reception area, carboard recycling area and has a dedicated loading & unloading bay.

Your goods are fully insured for Fire, Theft & Public Liability.

As experts in selling on the Amazon platforms we are also offer the following 3rd party services to get our customers up and running on Amazon FBA Europe.

Product Sourcing

We can source products on your behalf directly from China. We have contacts in China who deal directly with the factories over there and speak both Cantonese and mandarin.

Amazon Account Set Up

We can set up your Amazon account on your behalf. We know exactly what is required by Amazon to get international sellers up and running on Amazon as quickly as possible. We are well versed to deal with any issues that may arise for international sellers and can also assist in getting you ungated in several restricted selling categories.

Sea-Freight Brokerage

We can broker your sea freight and deal with customs clearance on your behalf. Our rates are extremely competitive and by using us you get piece of mind having a single point of contact to handle the transportation of your goods from the manufacturer in China/worldwide to our facility here in Bolton, UK and then onto FBA.

Product Listing & Amazon SEO

We can help you with product listings including titles, descriptions, images, infographics, keyword research, Enhanced Brand Content & setting up Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns.

Private Labelling OEM Branding & Packaging Design

If you decide to create your own brands to sell on Amazon (which we highly recommend you eventually do), we can help you with logo design, packaging design, registering your brand with Amazon’s brand registry programme , website set up & trademark registration.

Translation & PAN European FBA Enrolment

We offer a translation service to have all your UK listings converted to German, French, Italian & Spanish so they can be sold on all 5 market places. We can also do keyword research for each country and find out what keywords are being searched for on those market places for a specific product. This will enable you to optimise your listings and run pay per click advertising for relevant laser targeted keywords. Once your listings are optimised we can also help you enrol your products on Amazon’s PAN European FBA fulfilment program so that you may can sell your products on all 5 market places without having to pay any extra cross border fulfilment fees.

We highly recommend you give us a call to find out how we can help you get started or grow your business if you are currently already selling on Amazon.